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Creating a Survey using Sakai "Polls"

The Sakai "Polls" tool is an excellent choice for quick surveys that will only be presented to students who are already using Sakai to access your course materials. However it only allows multiple choice questions and is not convenient for reaching a broader audience.

  1. In Sakai, go to your course tab (or create a new site).
  2. Click on the "Polls" tool in the left-hand column. If you do not have a "Polls" tool, you will need to add one by doing the following:
    1. Click "Site Info"
    2. Click "Edit Tools"
    3. Place a check mark next to "Polls"
    4. Click "Continue"
    5. Click "Finish"
    6. click "Polls" in the left-hand column
  3. Click "Add a poll"
  4. Type a question, and optionally type "additional instructions"
  5. Set the "opening" and "closing" dates for your poll
  6. Under "Results are visible" click "never" (unless you want to share the results with your students)
  7. Click "save and add options"
  8. Type one of the answer choices that you want to present to the students
  9. Click "save and add options", and repeat as many times as necessary
  10. When finished adding answer choices, click "save"
  11. Review the question and possible answer choices, then click "Save"
  12. Optionally, you can move the "Poll" to be the first thing students see when coming to your Sakai site. To do so,
    1. Click "Site info"
    2. Click "Page Order"
    3. Drag "polls" to the top of the list
    4. Click "save"


Students will need to go to your Sakai site, click "Polls" then click the name of the poll. You can send a Sakai Announcement to let the students know of the poll.


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