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Creating a Survey in Google Documents

Google Documents has the ability to quickly and easily set up a "form" that can be mailed to anyone. Responses are collected in a spreadsheet that can be used on its own or opened with Microsoft Excel.

  1. Go to and log in. If you do not have access to Rutgers ScarletApps you can "activate" ScarletApps with your Rutgers NetID, or use your own personal Google account at
  2. Click "Create new" and choose "Form".
  3. Type a title for the form, optionally type instructions or introductory text.
  4. Google automatically inserts one or two "sample questions" – start by editing the first question:
    1. In the "Question Title" box, type your question.
    2. Optionally, type information in the "Help text" area.
    3. Choose the question type ("text" allows a short one or two word answer, "paragraph" allows longer responses, the remaining options are self-explanatory).
    4. Click "Done" to save.
  5. If there is a second sample queston, position your mouse over "Sample question 2" - you will then see icons to the right that will allow you to edit or delete this question.
  6. Click "Add Item" to add additional questions, repeat as necessary.
  7. If you are using the "ScarletApps" version of Google Docs, at the top of the page uncheck the "Require Rutgers University sign-in" option (for anonymity it's best to turn it off, although at your preference you may choose to leave it turned on).
  8. When finished, click "Send Form" (upper right corner).
  9. Click "Email this form".
  10. Type in or paste in the email addresses of the people to whom you want to send the survey.
  11. Click "send"
  12. Optionally, copy the “Link to Share” and post it to your Sakai site or other web page.


Your survey recipients will receive an email with a link to the form. Depending on their mail system they may also be able to respond to the survey directly in their email.

When you want to see the results, go back to Google Documents and click the spreadsheet with the name of your survey. Click "File" then "Download" to save a copy for use in Excel.


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