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Creating Surveys in Blackboard

(Newark courses only)

Follow the steps below to create a survey in a Blackboard course site. has tutorial videos that may be helpful - "Creating a Test" is the same process (apart from clicking the "surveys" link in step 3 below), and "Reading Survey Results" shows how to view the responses.

  1. In your course site, click on "Course Tools"
  2. Click "Tests, Surveys, and Pools"
  3. Click "Surveys"
  4. Click "Build Survey"
  5. Type a name, description and instructions in the appropriate areas.
  6. Click "submit"
  7. Click "Create Question"
  8. Choose your question type
  9. Type the text of your question, and for multiple choice or likert scale type in the possible answer choices to present to the students.
  10. Click "submit", and repeat as necessary for additional questions.
  11. When done, click "OK" at the bottom of the page.
  12. Add the completed survey to a content section of your Blackboard course site.


The Blackboard Grade Center will indicate whether students have responded to your survey or not, but it will not reveal indivdual responses. Click "Attempt Statistics" in the survey column of your gradebook to see the summary of survey responses.





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