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Instructional Technology Resources at Rutgers


Accessibility of Instructional Materials and Course Web Sites

Rosters and Grading

REGIS (Rosters and Electronic Grading Information System): The most important site for faculty and instructors. REGIS allows you to view your roster, send academic warning notices, and submit final grades. Access to rosters in REGIS is also the key to using other web tools such as Sakai and RAMS. Your department chair or administrative assistant can provide you with access to REGIS. See the REGIS documentation for more information.

Course Management Systems

The following systems provide an encompassing set of features to facilitate communication and coursework, while requiring very little technical knowledge. Features include:

Sakai: Available to all faculty on all campuses, Sakai CMS is a highly flexible service that is useful for course web sites as well as committee work and other projects. Sakai has numerous options for enabling group work, including a built in "wiki" (collaborative writing space). Sakai is created and maintained by a consortium of universities and colleges.

Canvas: Available to all faculty on all campuses, Canvas is supported by the Division of Continuing Studies. Canvas is replacing the old eCollege (Pearson) system that will be phased out beginning in Fall 2016.

Blackboard: Only available to faculty teaching on the Rutgers Newark campus, Blackboard Learning System is the most prevalent course management system in the United States.

Moodle: Only available to faculty in Biomedical Health Sciences (RBHS), Moodle is a highly flexible learning management system, similar to Sakai and Blackboard.

Single-Purpose Tools

For faculty who do not need or want a full course site, the following provide specific services for communicating with students, or for supplementing existing course sites.

RAMS (Rutgers Automated Mailing System): RAMS will create a mailing list of your students (based on roster access in REGIS), allowing faculty to send email to a single address that reaches all of their students. Faculty do not need to collect or maintain student addresses, RAMS automatically uses any address that the student lists in the Rutgers Directory.

Refworks: a web-based bibliographic management tool, integrated with the Rutgers Library system so that searches in the catalog or indices can be saved and organized, with proper references and often links to the full text of articles. Refworks allows sharing of bibliographies; an instructor can create a bibliography for students to use, or use Refworks to review bibliographies created by students. Refworks includes a tool for use when writing papers that formats references and bibliographies appropriately according to several style guides.

iTunes U: Audio and video materials can be distributed to students by using iTunes U, a service that allows students to review the material on their computers or by automatically loading the material onto their iPods or other devices. Faculty can restrict the material to the students in their course, or optionally make anything on iTunes U available to the public at large, accessible to anyone who uses iTunes. Rutgers also has a Youtube channel -


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