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Web-based Course Materials

Rutgers has several resources that provide a set of tools for group discussions, on-line quizzes, calendars, course content, student management, and communicating grades privately to each student.

Sakai -
Supported centrally by OIRT and available to all faculty and instructors university-wide, Sakai is the most frequently used system at Rutgers. Sakai integrates with the online roster system to automatically grant your students access to course materials that you put into your course web site. The Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research provides workshops and assistance in using Sakai.
Canvas —
Beginning in Fall 2016, Canvas will replace Pearson Learning Studio (eCollege) for most continuing education and online courses, and will also be available university-wide. Canvas is a highly-regarded system with a more modern interface than the other available systems.
Blackboard -
Available to the departments on the Newark campus and in the Rutgers Business School.
Moodle -
Available to schools and departments in Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences (RBHS).
Online Rosters -
Allows instant access to course rosters and official grade reporting tools.
"Rutgers Automated Mailing System" creates an e-mail lists based on course rosters so that instructors can send mail to all of their students without needing to collect or organize addresses. For general purpose mailing lists that are not dependent on rosters, Mailman may be more appropriate.

(Limited Support) Pearson Learning Studio / eCollege / eCompanion -
Note: Canvas replaces eCollege; eCollege will cease to function on December 31st, 2018. Primarily used for continuing education courses or fully on-line courses prior to Fall 2016, this remains in use until all course materials are migrated to other systems.


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