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SIRS Procedures for Blue Surveys

Beginning Fall 2019, all online SIRS surveys will be run in Blue by eXplorance. Instead of the Excel spreadsheets, administrators will verify course and instructor information in preparation for SIRS in DIG. This information will then flow into Blue, where the surveys will run.

Online Survey Dates for Fall 2019

Dates for Mid-course Surveys (optional):

Dates for End-of-Course SIRS:

General Information

Note that there is an organizational change in how Blue works for courses with multiple instructors. One survey will be created for the course, and Blue will repeat certain questions once for each instructor (previously in Sakai and on paper, each instructor had their own distinct survey).

Lecture and recitation or lab courses: The Student Instructional Rating Form is designed so that each instructor will be included in the survey. Therefore, the lecturer in a lecture class with recitation periods should have a survey for the lecture hall students, and the recitation instructors' survey questions will be answered by the students in each of their own sections.

CTAAR will set up online surveys or distribute survey packets in this fashion unless the department requests a different procedure. Please let us know by the deadline if you would like to follow a different procedure in your department. 

Team-taught courses: If a course is taught by a team of faculty members, we will include each member of the team in the survey. Please notify CTAAR if you if you want to run the surveys as each lecturer completes their component of the course (staggered dates).

Crosslisted courses may have a single, combined survey or separate surveys for each section, depending on the preference of the instructor. If the instructor does not inform us of his or her preference, we will generally combine sections according to the following guidelines:
- Undergraduate sections will be combined with other crosslisted undergraduate sections
- Graduate sections will be combined with other crosslisted graduate sections
- Undergraduate and graduate sections will generally remain separate, unless enrollment in one of the crosslisted sections is less than 6 students.

Summary data: CTAAR will calculate department and level averages for paper and online surveys separately, to allow for possible differences introduced by the survey format.

Follow-up procedures: When we receive all of the completed student rating forms for a department, we compile and return the results to the department after the university grading period closes. We do not interpret the student responses. Any instructors who feel that their survey has scanner or student errors should communicate this to his or her department chair. The department chair should inform us of any surveys that should be re-scanned or re-processed

Email Notifications: CTAAR will send each instructor an email notification approximately one or two weeks before the start of their survey. If you would like to alter the survey dates or add questions, use the link in the email to edit your survey in Blue.

Status Updates: Instructors may log in to Blue to monitor the progress of their survey.

Completing online surveys during class time: Students may complete the survey using their mobile phone or any computing device. We recommend giving out the link during a mid-class break; this can bring response rates up to the same levels as a paper survey (which would by necessity be distributed in class).

General Instructions for Completing the Student Instructional Rating Forms: Students can go to During the transition period, some students may also have surveys in Sakai and should also go to to complete all their course surveys. Please remind your students that:




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