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SIRS Problem Report

If you have a problem with the Student Instructional Rating Survey, please complete the form below to report the issue to us. If this form does not address your concern or if you would like us to write back to you, you can write to us at please replace "brokenemail" with instead.

Choose One:

There are multiple surveys for the same professor in the same course.

Some common problems have some simple solutions:

I don't see a survey for one of my courses or professors.
Surveys may run at different times, please check the current surveys list to see the dates for your survey, or if your survey will be conducted in eCollege or on paper. If your course is missing from the "current surveys", please report the problem using the form above.
I don't see any surveys at all.
Make sure you log in to Sakai using your Rutgers NetID. Do not log in with a "guest account" (email address). Guest accounts are not official records (and should almost never be used for students in a course, although sometimes are used in error), only your NetID will show you your surveys, based on your official registration records.
I don't have a NetID / I don't know my password.
Your NetID was assigned to you when you first enrolled in a course at Rutgers, but you must "activate" it (basically that's just setting a password after verifying your identity).
If your NetID is active but you can't remember your password, try to reset your password here or contact the OIT Help Desk for your campus.
Mistakes - reversed scales, wrong course, etc.
In Sakai (most surveys), you can edit your responses up to the due date - just go back into the surveys and click the one you want to change. You do not need to report the mistake to us unless it's too late to edit your response.
In EvaluationKit (canvas courses, and some professional schools), you need to write to us directly at please replace brokenmail with so we can delete your old response. Please include your NetID and the course number.
Chemistry recitations - too many surveys!
Due to the structure of the New Brunswick Chemistry courses where students can choose any recitation instructor at any time, the survey will list all possible recitation instructors. Please fill out the survey for the ones you know.



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