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SIRS - Adding Questions

Import notes:

  • Questions must be added prior to the survey start date.
  • Existing questions are standardized and cannot be removed or changed.
  • You are limited to adding 12 additional items (note that the “matrix” items can list multiple questions in a single item).
  • The Student Instructional Ratings Survey is intended to assist faculty in collecting information from students about their teaching and their courses, and the statistical summary of responses are shared with the student population at the SIRS Results web site. Additional questions should be consistent with that purpose.


Instructors can add questions to the standard Student Instructional Rating Survey for their course. To add your own questions, follow the steps below (more detailed instructions are also available.):

  1. Log into the Blue survey system at (link will open in a new tab or window)
  2. In the "Tasks" section, click the “Choose personalized questions” link for the course you want to change
    • Courses will be listed one or two weeks prior to the predetermined start of the survey as set by CTAAR or your academic department. If you want to edit a survey that is not listed, contact CTAAR for assistance.
    • Each course will appear twice (use the “Choose personalized questionss” link to add questions; the other link is used to change survey dates)
    • If your list of courses is very long, search for the course number in the search box (upper-left corner of the “Tasks” box)
    • Note that the date that appears in the task list is the instructor’s deadline for adding questions. It is not the student’s survey date - use the Response Rate Dashboard to see the student dates.
  3. Click “Preview Questionnaire” if you would like to see what questions are already on the survey.
  4. Several pre-existing questions are listed by category. Click “Show Section” to see the questions in each category.
  5. To use any of the pre-existing questions, simply click ”Select” to the right of that question. Only “Selected” questions will be added to your survey.
  6. To add questions of your own, use the “Custom-Worded Questions” section near the bottom.
    1. Click “Open all questions” to see the answer scales and question types.
    2. Type the text of your question in the box next to the icon. Always include the answer scale in the text of your question (for example, “where 1=poor and 5=excellent”)
    3. Remember to click ”Select” to the right of your custom question in order to add it to your survey.
  7. Click “Submit” to complete the process and add the questions to your survey. (clicking “Save” will save the choices you made for later editing, but will not add the questions to the survey - you must click “Submit” even if you saved previously).
  8. If you want to add the same set of questions to surveys for other sections or courses, use the “Copy to” and “Copy & Submit“ items.



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