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November 27 - SIRS begins

The online Student Instructional Rating Surveys have been set up and are queued to begin on Monday, November 27th  with student responses due by December 15, for most courses. Faculty and instructors should have received emails regarding their surveys, if there are any problems or you did not receive email (please check your spam!) write to us at please replace brokenmail with as soon as possible. 

Online surveys will be found in two locations:

Some departments continue to use paper surveys, those have been distributed to departmental offices and can be handed out in class. 

For exact dates and survey location for any specific course, please search for the course on our current surveys web page. 

Faculty and instructors who taught Summer 2017 courses should look for email messages (dated 8/21 or 8/22) with the results of their Student Instructional Rating Surveys.

CTAAR is currently using two survey systems:

  • For surveys conducted in Sakai: results are in an ".html" file attachment included with the email.
  • For surveys conducted in EvaluationKit: results are availlable now for download through and an addendum (statistics page only) will be sent as an ".html" file attachment in a few days.

For surveys conducted in Sakai, department administrators can view the survey results (statistics only) now through the SIRS Archive, , and the survey reports with open-ended comments will be uploaded to Sakai dropboxes over the next several days. For surveys conducted in EvaluationKit, department administrators have full access immediately through the EvaluationKit link.

SIRS Spring 2017 Results Published

We have posted the Spring 2017 results of the Student Instructional Rating Survey. They are now available to students and the university community. Log in to the SIRS Results web site using your NetID -

The posted SIRS results include the statistical summaries of the Student Instructional Rating Surveys. We do not post the open-ended student comments, nor do we post the results for Teaching Assistants. Instructors received their own survey results previously, by email on May 15th, or (for paper-based surveys) by campus mail care-of their department chairs in July. Faculty and instructors should retain their individual survey results for future reference. 

We are changing the administration of the Student Instructional Rating Survey (SIRS) for fully-online courses that are taught through eCollege (Pearson Learning Studio). Previously, the Center for Online and Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies (COHLIT) ran the surveys for many of these courses directly through eCollege. Beginning with the Summer 2017 term, the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR) will administer all eCollege course surveys through our "evaluationKit pilot" process. This change is necessary due to the eCollege "end of life", as the underlying survey component will soon cease to work in eCollege.

The only significant change that eCollege instructors and students will notice is that eCollege will no longer issue a "pop-up" alert to students to prompt them to complete the survey. Students and instructors will instead receive multiple email reminders. Some courses may see a small drop in student participation in SIRS as a result, but experience varies from course to course. 

Instructors who prefer that students receive an in-course "pop-up" prompt to complete the survey may want to consider moving their eCollege course to either Blackboard or Canvas, which we have now configured to support this feature (please note that this is automatic with Canvas, but for Blackboard courses you must contact CTAAR to request that we enable this feature for your course). Sakai is currently unable to support "pop up" prompts for surveys.

If you are teaching a course through eCollege and have any questions, please contact us at please replace "brokenmail" with

If you have questions about migrating your eCollege course contact please replace "brokenmail" with COHLIT has additional information about preparing for the eCollege "End of Life"

The Student Instructional Rating Survey results for Spring 2017 courses that used online surveys have been distributed. Faculty and instructors should look for email with a file attachment. Please save the file attachment for future reference. Once saved, the file can be viewed in any standard web browser on any device. Please check your "spam" or "junk" folders before contacting us to resend your file.

Paper survey results are not available yet. We will complete the paper survey scanning and processing by September. 

Departments have copies of all the  SIRS reports (except for paper surveys) through Sakai dropboxes, and through the SIRS Departmental Archive. If you are a department chair or administrative assistant and did not receive an email with a link to your dropbox or if any files are missing, please contact us at (848) 932-7466. 

Note that courses taught through Canvas, and schools that are part of the "evaluationKit" pilot project; instructors and administrators can download their SIRS reports through the evaluationKit links, instead of Sakai. 

SIRS results will be posted for students to view at the SIRS Results site by September. 

The Spring 2017 Student Instructional Rating Surveys have begun, most courses use online surveys that are available beginning April 17th with responses due by May 4th. Individual courses may have different dates, or may use paper surveys to be distributed in class.

Because we are piloting new survey software, students may find their surveys in one of several locations:

  • Sakai - - most courses continue to use surveys hosted on Sakai
  • evaluationKit - our new pilot survey tool, which currently includes the following courses:
    • All courses taught in Canvas
    • School of Social Work
    • School of Management and Labor Relations
    • School of Communication & Information
    • School of Business - Camden
  • eCollege -  - only fully-online courses that are still using eCollege. This will soon be phased out.
  • Paper - departments that have chosen to continue with the old survey system will distribute paper survey forms in class. 

If you are unsure where or when your survey will be, you can look up any survey by course number or instructor name on our current surveys page. 

The Student Instructional Rating Surveys are available to faculty now, for those who wish to add additional questions. Questions must be added prior to the survey start date, April 17 for most courses.

For surveys conducted through Sakai (most courses):

  • Access your surveys through the Sakai Survey Dashboard -
  • Follow the instructions for adding questions to surveys in Sakai -
  • Note that some departments have not given us instructor NetIDs, these instructors will not be able to add questions. 

For surveys in the SIRS evaluationKit Pilot (SMLR, SSW, SC&I, and SBC, plus Canvas courses):

  • Access your surveys through the evaluationKit Dashboard (or through Canvas) - 
  • Follow the instructions of adding questions to surveys in evaluationKit -
  • In addition to adding questons, instructors may change their survey dates directly in evaluationKit. 

CTAAR is pleased to announce the latest development in onilne student instructional rating surveys: the Drone Response System. 

It is well known that the student participation rate for online surveys is slightly lower, on average, than for the old paper-based survey system. Students often forget to complete the online surveys. With the new drone program, faculty no longer need to rely on forgetful or procastinating students! 

Here's how it works: CTAAR will send out automonymous flying drones to the classrooms of faculty who choose to participate in the program, at the time and date of the faculty's choosing. The number of drones sent will equal the enrollment in the course. When they arrive in the classroom, the drones will connect to the RUWireless-Secure network, establish a connection to the online survey system, and respond on behalf of the students using pre-calculated predictive hueristics to approximate the actual student response. Faculty will get near-perfect response rates, and the students won't need to do anything at all. 

For faculty who use the paper surveys, faculty should pass out the paper survey forms in class. When the drones arrive, they will use laser-focused cameras to zoom in on the bubble sheets, extend grappling claws to pick up pencils, and fill in the bubble marks for the students. Faculty should designate one drone to collect the completed surveys and return them to CTAAR. Please note that CTAAR will not supply #2 pencils, so faculty should ensure that the classroom has enough #2 pencils for the drones to complete the forms.

Please note that the drones are not yet capable of submitting substantive open-ended comments and are limited to simple comments such as "great class!", "best teacher ever", and "nothing". Faculty who want more detailed open-ended comments may opt out of the drone program, but should understand that their response rates may drop as a result.

SIRS results for Fall 2016 posted

The Fall 2016 results of the Student Instructional Rating Surveys are available to students and all members of the university community at 

Department administrators should use the "SIRS Archive" instead of the above web site for a more complete record of SIRS results, and can contact us for login information if necessary.

Faculty should have received their own survey results by email in January (if using online surveys), or should contact their department administration to review paper survey results (returned via campus mail to department chairs in March). 

SIRS Pilot in evaluationKit

CTAAR has begun a pilot project using a new survey tool,, for running the Student Instructional Rating Surveys.  In Fall 2016, we ran surveys for the School of Social Work, School of Management and Labor Relations, and School of Communication & Information in the new system, as well as all courses taught through the Canvas course platform. We are planning to expand the pilot to more units for the Spring 2017 semester. 

We have tried to make the pilot as seamless as possible, and in many cases the only difference that students need to know about is the link to the survey location, which may vary by course:

  • Most courses continue to use the "survey dashboard" in Sakai -
  • Academic units participating in the pilot will use evaluationKit -
  • Canvas courses will have a link automatically appear in Canvas, but can also use
  • Some courses continue to use the old paper survey system and have no link
  • eCollege is being phased out, but courses still using that platform can access their surveys directly through eCollege. 
  • All courses are listed on our Current Surveys page, with links to the correct location for each individual course survey.

We will also send email to faculty and students with the correct links to their individual course surveys. 

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