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The Middle States reaccreditation process for Rutgers University is in progress, and will culminate in an on-site evaluation from March 19 - 22, 2018. To prepare for the reaccreditation, all members of the university should take some time to familiarize themselves with the reaccreditation process, and with the Rutgers self-study:

Questions and comments should be directed to the steering committee, please remove "badaddress" and just use

OIT will perform critical updates to the electrical system in the Hill Center, which houses most of the university's web servers, on January 27. The exact timing of the work has not been announced yet. Many Rutgers web sites will be offline during the work.

Sakai will be offline. Canvas may also be unavailable at times, however since it is hosted off-campus it may be possible to log in to Canvas by going directly to the login link - (depending on whether Rutgers CAS login is available or not). 

Rutgers Connect email will be available through the direct Microsoft link - - and does not rely on any on-campus services. 

More information will be posted on the OIT news site

Several web sites are currently offline, including the front page for the Canvas course platform. Canvas however is still accessible, provided you use the link directly to the login page:

OIT and DoCS are aware of the problem and are working to restore normal access. 

Dec 13 - CTAAR web site problems

We are experiencing some techincal problems with our web site. It may be intermittently unavailable. Thank you for your patience  while we work on correcting the issues.

[The problem has been resolved, but we're monitoring the issue in case of a recurrence.] 

Please write to us at please replace "brokenmail" with if you need to contact CTAAR staff. 

Update: phone service has been restored as of November 21st, at 10:30 a.m.

Sakai is unavailable Wednesday, August 23rd, for system updates and maintenance. OIT plans to have it back online by the end of the day. 

A damaged electrical transformer will be repaired on Friday, March 17. This will cause a power outage to part of the College Avenue Campus, including the Rutgers Student Center, College Avenue Gym and surrounding buildings. It will also affect networking and  telephone services to several buildings.

The CTAAR office will remain closed until power is restored, and the CTAAR  web site will be unavailable.

Electrical service will be restored sometime after 5:00 pm, but it may take several more hours to restart servers and re-establish network services. We hope to have our web site back online by Saturday morning at the latest, and the office will reopen on Monday.

New email addresses

CTAAR has completed our transition to the new Rutgers Connect mail system hosted by Microsoft Office365, please note our new email addresses:

General Information: ctaar@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with

Marcie Anszperger: mansz@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with

Maria Brewer: mariabre@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with

Joseph Delaney: jpd@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with

Monica Devanas: devanas@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with

Gary Gigliotti: gag@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with

Our old "@ctaar" addresses continue to work for the time being, and currently forward to the new accounts. Please update your address books and contact lists with our new addresses. 

CTAAR email addresses are moving to the new Rutgers Connect accounts over the next few days. If you send us email and we do not respond, please send again after December 12 or give us a call at (848) 932-7466.

Also our old info@ctaar email address will cease to work sometime in January, 2017; we will post our new email address to our web site once the replacement is working correctly. 

Several university web sites and other services, including Sakai, are disrupted this morning due to a power outage in Hill Center on the Busch campus.

OIT is working to restore services. For more information, please refer to the OIT announcements web site:

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