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Sakai is working normally, however some people may be seeing a "Not Found" error message when trying to access Sakai. The quick solution is to use a slight variation of the usual link:

The problem only occurs when you leave off the "/portal" in the link above, and is an unexpected side-effect of the server migration over the weekend. OIT is aware of the problem and is working on a permanent fix. 

"QR Codes" for use with SIRS

We have created two QR Codes which make it easy for students to quickly go to the survey using their mobile phones. Instructors who conduct the SIRS in class can project these codes, then students use their mobile phone camera to scan the code which will open the link to the SIRS.

Since we are currently using two survey tools, please be sure to use the correct QR code for your course. We will include the correct code in the email that we send you, or you can look up your course on the list of current surveys.

For surveys that are conducted in Sakai (most courses):

For surveys that are conducted in evaluationKit (through Canvas, or one of the school in the EvaluationKit pilot - SSW, SC&I, SMLR, Bloustein, Law, and Business-Camden)

July 13 - 15: Sakai unavailable

OIT has announced that Sakai will not be available from the evening of July 13 through the evening of July 15. Instructors who are teaching 12-week summer courses or "session III" summer courses should avoid setting assignment due dates during that period, or make alternate arrangements. For more information or assistance, please contact the Sakai help desk at or (848) 445-8721.

Canvas and Blackboard are unaffected.  

Faculty and instructors should have received an email message on Monday, April 14 with the results of their Spring Student Instructional Rating Surveys (for surveys that were conducted online only). Please check your email, with the following exceptions and conditions in mind:

  • Remember to check your "Spam" or "Junk" folders. SIRS results may be incorrectly labeled as junk based on specific student comments; this is highly unpredictable. 
  • "Rutgers Connect" inbox may have an "other" tab that hides messages, please check the "other" tab for your SIRS results.
  • Some units request that we hold the SIRS results (Rutgers Business School, Law School). These results will be sent at a later date. 
  • You may receive a separate email for each course, which your email software may treat as a "conversation". You may need to click to exand the conversation to see all of your survey results. 
  • Paper surveys will be scanned during the summer and returned by paper mail in the beginning of the Fall semester

If you cannot find the SIRS results for your courses, please write to us at please replace "brokenemail" with and we will resend your results. 

Please save the file attachment with your SIRS results for future reference.

If your survey was conducted in the "pilot" system (EvaluationKit), you will recevie a link to download your results instead of a file attachment, but you should still save this file for future reference. For EvaluationKit surveys, we will follow up with a supplemental report by email with the same data reformatted into the standard SIRS report for consistency, however this supplement will not contain the student comments. 

Department Administrators will receive copies of the SIRS reports through a Sakai dropbox or EvaluationKit link, before May 25th. 

Students can complete the Student Instructional Rating Surveys (SIRS) for their courses now, in most cases with a due date of May 3rd. 

There are three possible locations for SIRS. Students and faculty will receive emails with the correct link for their courses:

Due dates vary depending on the school and course. For exact details for a specific course, please check our list of current surveys - this will show the survey due date and correct link for all courses.

SIRS - Fall 2017 Results Published

The Fall 2017 results of the Student Instructional Rating Surveys are now available for the university community, through the SIRS results web site (requires Rutgers NetID login):

Please note that CTAAR does not publish survey data for TAs. Department administrators who need full access to the SIRS data for their unit should use the SIRS Departmental Archive instead of the above site, and contact us for assistance. 

Instructors received their own SIRS results previously, by email on January 5th (for surveys conducted online), or via campus mail in late March (for paper surveys) c/o their department chair. Faculty and departments should retain their own copies of the SIRS results for future reference. 

The Middle States reaccreditation process for Rutgers University is in progress, and will culminate in an on-site evaluation from March 19 - 22, 2018. To prepare for the reaccreditation, all members of the university should take some time to familiarize themselves with the reaccreditation process, and with the Rutgers self-study:

Questions and comments should be directed to the steering committee, please remove "badaddress" and just use

The workshop, TAP: Creating eBooks for the Classroom on 2/22/2018, is cancelled due to low registration.  We will offer it again in Fall, 2018

The TAP workshops: TAP: Excel for Grading (2/7/18) and TAP: Online Grades and Communication (2/8/18) are cancelled due to low registration.

OIT will perform critical updates to the electrical system in the Hill Center, which houses most of the university's web servers, on January 27. The exact timing of the work has not been announced yet. Many Rutgers web sites will be offline during the work.

Sakai will be offline. Canvas may also be unavailable at times, however since it is hosted off-campus it may be possible to log in to Canvas by going directly to the login link - (depending on whether Rutgers CAS login is available or not). 

Rutgers Connect email will be available through the direct Microsoft link - - and does not rely on any on-campus services. 

More information will be posted on the OIT news site

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