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Educause Article on Large Lectures (PDF)

Category 1: Resources for College Teaching, Bibliographies

A. Lists and Resources

B. Journals on College Teaching

Category 2: Teaching Strategies

A. Teaching Tips

B. Cooperative Or Collaborative Learning

C. Teaching Large Classes

Category 3: Evaluating, Improving, Rewarding Teaching

A. Articles on Evaluating and Rewarding Teaching

B. Evaluating Teaching By Peer Review

C. Evaluating Teaching by Using Portfolios

D. Evaluating Teaching by Student Ratings

D1. Articles/Opinions about Ratings

D2. Guidelines for Using Student Ratings

D3. Evaluating your teaching

Category 4: Evaluating Students

Organizations Promoting College Teaching

  • College Teaching Effectiveness Network
  • The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching. The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning is an alliance of public, private and tribal colleges that supports and promotes outstanding college teaching.


Mathematics Teaching

Science Teaching

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