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Learning Outcome Assessment Infrastructure

Departmental Curriculum and Assessment committees

   Each department and program has a curriculum and assessment committee that reviews and recommends changes in the department’s major and minor programs, and its courses. The committees coordinate curricular change in the department, and forward any changes approved by the department’s faculty to the respective school’s curriculum committee.

School-wide Assessment Advisory Committees (AAC)

   As requested by Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, each academic dean has appointed an Assessment Advisory Committee to coordinate learning outcome assessment activities in each school.  The AACs give advice to the Dean, usually through an associate dean, concerning the development of a school-wide assessment strategy, assist departments in the school as they develop assessment plans and conduct assessments and implement changes based on those assessments.  The Committees also advise the Dean on the School’s assessment of general education learning outcomes.

Assessment Council (AC)

   The Assessment Council is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Teaching and Assessment. The Council is composed of the associate deans in each school who bear responsibility for learning outcomes assessment. It is a collaborative body, supported by the CTAAR, that shares knowledge and expertise across the schools, and assists schools as they develop and implement their assessment plans.

      The Council works with the CTAAR to bring in experts in assessment development and design for consultation and to offer workshops on assessment practices and programs on the uses of various assessment methods.  The Council disseminates information about assessment practices across the University.   

Executive Council for Assessment

The Executive Council for Assessment (ECA) is the strategic planning body for learning outcome assessment in the University.  The ECA is staffed by one representative each from the Provost in Newark, the Provost in Camden, the VP for Undergraduate Education, the VP for Graduate Education, the Office of Institutional Research and Academic Planning and Associate VP for Teaching and Assessment, plus two rotating seats appointed by the deans of the schools.  The ECA will provide guidance in the development and implementation of assessment methods.


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