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Notable Ideas and Practices

Materials from March 3, 2010 "Notable Assessment Practices at Rutgers University"

Douglass Residential College ePortfolio presentation

Rutgers ePortfolio presentation

       Evaluating your ePortfolio

       Assessing ePortfolio Matrix

Economics Department Learning Goals and Senior Survey

        Economics Department Learning Goals

        Introduction to Microeconomics Learning Goals

   Learning outcome assessment is a growing and changing area of research and practice. Here we will post notable ideas and practices that are being investigated and implemented here at RU and outside the university.

    The Assessment CyberGuide for Learning Goals and Outcomes

          From the Preface:

      The Assessment CyberGuide evolved from the work of the APA Board of Education Affairs' (BEA) Task Force on Psychology Major Competencies. In March 2002, the BEA endorsed the task force's report on Undergraduate Psychology Major Learning Goals and Outcomes. Subsequently, BEA charged the task force to develop a companion document to address assessment strategies based upon these learning goals and outcomes. Members of the task force convened an Assessment CyberGuide Task Force, which produced the first version of the Assessment CyberGuide in 2002.
In 2006, the APA Council of Representatives adopted a revised version of the task force's report under the title APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major (
In 2009, the Assessment Cyberguide Revision Task Force updated the CyberGuide to reflect current practice and revised links. The CyberGuide serves as a companion resource for implementing the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Major in Psychology. These resources should aid psychology departments and their faculty to design the most appropriate and effective assessment plans.
We have organized this Cyberguide into four parts that will assist departments in developing assessment plans:
A. B. C. D.
Understanding Assessment: Departmental, Institutional, Educational, and Societal Perspectives Designing Viable Assessment Plans Sustaining an Assessment Culture Applying Assessment Strategies in Psychology
We are taking advantage of the flexibility of the cyber medium to provide links to resources or the full-text documents when they are available. Otherwise, the recommendations and insights provided in this CyberGuide emerge from the collective experience and scholarship of the members of the Assessment CyberGuide Task Force and the Assessment CyberGuide Revision Task Force.


    Departmental Learning Goals: Economics  

     Departments here at RU have been developing their learning goals for their programs.  Some have gone further, and asked faculty toplace course-level learning goals on their syllabi, that link into the departmental learning goals. Economics is a notable example.



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