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Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research

The Mission of the CTAAR

The mission of CTAAR is fourfold:

  1. Provide resources and information on the improvement of teaching.
    1. Provide funds for Teaching Fellows.
    2. Participate in the RASTL project
    3. Provide workshops on pedagogical topics; instructional technology, group learning, active learning, etc.
  2. Provide resources and assistance in the use and development of teaching assessment methods.
    1. Teaching Portfolios
    2. Peer review practices
    3. Mid-Course Online Feedback
    4. Student Instructional Ratings Survey (SIRS)
  3. Provide resources and assistance in the use and development of learning outcome assessment.
    1. Provide resources to advisory committees, schools and dept for developing assessment structures and processes.
    2. Provide workshops, seminars and consulting for schools and depts. Developing assessment plans
    3. Invite national and international experts to present workshops, seminars and to consult with faculty
  4. Conduct research on new methods of teaching, learning and assessment practices and disseminate the results throughout the University, the State and the nation.
    1. Support pilot projects to be analyzed
    2. Hold workshops, seminars and conferences disseminating results
    3. Link with other institutions in the State and nationally, to cooperate and share ideas and results of our research
    4. Disseminate results on our web site and seek to publish in reputable journals in higher education



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